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Linen Closet B&A

I wish I could always look like this when I cleaned - maybe not with NYC rats helping me, but after being in shelter-in-place/quarantine for the past 6 weeks maybe I would welcome a visit from a guest! The first part of any organizing task is to empty out of the space. Yes, it makes it look even more daunting, but it also lets you know SO much info! You'll find out what you have, what you need, what you DON'T need, what kinds of containers you want to store the needs, and the list goes on from there. Man, do I love lists! I'll skip most of the lists and sketches and just go with pictures this time!

eye of the storm

Ta-Da!! Everything was purchased from the Container Store. Yes, it's very much possible to buy all your organizing needs from any other store. The reason, we chose CS, is just availability of products and a stream-lined look. Target has similar-looking products, but honestly, it seems like I can never find the items in stock at the same time (even online)! The previous products used were from all over, even Dollar Tree. No shame! Whatever works! Here's what's used in this particular closet, from top to bottom:

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