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Clutter-Free Father's Day Gift Ideas

I always try my best to give clutter-free gifts - especially to adults! The following list are items I have actually purchased , used, tried, etc. Not an ad!

Digital Frame

Other brands have been around for a while, but the Skylight frame became all the rage in 2018. That year we bought one for my mom and for my husband’s dad for Christmas. They were so easy to set up and easy to use. Each frame has its own email address that anyone can send a picture to and it will automatically enter into the frame’s rotation of photos. This is a gift that we loved giving, and the recipients loved receiving!

Garage Floor Bumper Parking Guide

We own 3 sets of these, and people ask us about them frequently! I'm fairly certain they've saved us from hitting the walls many times! No tools required to install - and they look a lot cooler than a dangling tennis ball!

Travel Accessories

I must admit, this might not be a great gift for this year. Maybe the dad in your life is traveling in 2020, however? Here are some of my favorite travel items to help combat the clutter:

Treat Him To a Subscription

Steaks, coffee, candy? There's something for everyone. Beanbox is one that my husband really enjoyed. He liked being able to step out of his comfort zone with new flavors with smaller amounts at a time.

I saved what I personally think the best is for last - Omaha Steaks! We just bought from OS for the first time last month, and it’s awesome! It’s delicious and so convenient, especially with grocery stores having such sparse meat counters right now! It looks like they’re having some great deals for Father’s Day & Free shipping right now as well!

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