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I just Googled Introduction

I did. I just Googled "introduction", and I learned that many people require help introducing themselves on dating sites! LOL Luckily I'm not having to do that. I've been married to my husband for twenty years, in fact! We got married, eloped actually, when we were mere babes. A few years after our newlywed bless, we bought our first home and had our first little blondie, Miss Savannah. She's soon graduating high school and conquering the world as she should. We then YEARS later had a darling little Phoebe. She remains our sweet sensitive thing. Be careful with her - she is a tweenager and will cry over clothing. Then again, almost a DECADE later, we had the boy. Our golden child, some might say, is Jude. He is 4 and he is mothered my myself, and his two sisters. He might be spoiled. Might.

Now onto the good stuff - organizing! In 2008, we were in the process of selling our first home, and I was knee deep in researching the best way to organize a move. It was during my moving research where I learned about the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, NAPO, and I was hooked! I officially started Organizement in 2010 in the Atlanta area and really loved it - basements, closets, labels, Container Store, and building new relationships, etc!

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